20/20 Christmas experience

Buying Christmas gifts can be hard sometimes. Trying to find the perfect gift with the two cents in your pocket sucks. I wish I could afford to do more, but sometimes you just can’t. I saw this idea on Pinterest and it looked like a lot of fun. You take a $2o and you sent your timer for 20 minutes and you and whoever else have 20 minutes to find only $20 worth of Christmas gifts for each other. You play it as a group and draw names or you can play it with your SO or best friend.

This isn’t to buy them something extravagant it is to buy something simple or something that will mean a lot to them. Like above is what I got Jeremy plus a few other things not shown. But, the pigs are for a little reminder of an inside joke we have whereas the Star Wars deal is because he LOVES Star Wars.

It’s fun because you makes you really think about what the other person likes. Just imagine: $20, 20 minutes and target. That is HARD to go in there and only spend $20. Like I wanted to get these cute thermoses. img_1500

But I had to think, WWJW, What Would Jeremy Want. It’s a fun and silly way to get your Christmas shopping done without stressing about the perfect gift. You spend time with them and have a few laughs along the way. I can’t wait for him to open up his gifts come Christmas.

You can change the price and time to fit what everyone is comfortable with. The possibilities are limitless.

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