A complete gift guide for the cheap and broke

Christmas is the best time of the year, but it is the most expensive time of year as well! When Halloween blows over and the Christmas decorations go up you start thinking about everything you need to buy and who you need to buy for. It can be friends, family, significant others, or maybe a secret Santa. I created a list of things you can do that show meaning and thoughtfulness without blowing through your savings!

Gift cards: I’m sure you’re thinking ‘well that is not thoughtful’ and you may be right, but as a broke college student getting a Starbucks or Chick-fil-a gift card makes me all kinds of excited. When buying someone a gift card it will be as thoughtful as you want to make it, if you get them a card for somewhere they love they are going to love it. Before purchasing make sure it is somewhere they love to go, so they can treat themselves on those low money weeks!

Gift-in a-jar: Now I recently found this idea on Pinterest and am obsessed with it! You get a jar, no matter the size which helps keep the cost where you want it and fill it up with similar themed items. It is similar to a gift-basket without the cheesiness of a basket. The jar makes it look a little more expensive. Here are a few theme ideas: mani/Pedi in a jar, keep ’em cozy jar, hot cocoa jar, cram session jar. It doesn’t have to be themed, but it might look a little cuter that way.

DIY: Make something for them. It can be a collection of watercolors or maybe a mug that you painted/ wrote on. There are so many options for this one, the possibilities are as limitless as your abilities. Whatever you make the person will love, even if you’re not that artistic.

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