Winter survival kit

Winter is the best and worst time of the year. I love the holidays involved, but it is full of finals and a million chances to get sick. I compiled a winter survival guide, to help you get through these cold winter months. For Texas, it is just now getting cold, but just the stress of school makes this kit helpful! Head on over to my Instagram @RebekahKish for your chance to win this Winter Kit, it comes with everything above PLUS my smoothie recipe and a BeeByGBeauty coupon code! 

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Cozy socks


I love slipping on my Christmas fuzzy socks and snuggling on the couch to watch a movie or wearing them to school. They make everything more festive and makes life a little more fun. It’s the small things that make those long study sessions a little better. Cozy socks just make everything comfier.


Drinking warm drinks while it is cold outside is my favorite. But, during winter I will sometimes go for an iced coffee, because Texas. But, drinking coffee, tea or a smoothie is essential. It gives you that extra boost. Another way to get energy is through ItWorks Energy it gives you a boost of healthy energy and it is packed with vitamin B! I’ll drink my coffee in the morning and my Energy throughout the day, the perfect combo.



Walking from class to class in the cold weather makes your lips get so chapped. Lipstick is always great, but there’s something about a good chapstick that just gets the job was done and this chapstick does. Bee by G Beauty is made from beeswax harvested from her backyard and all natural ingredients. The wax is cleaned by Glynnis Cowley, the owner, and it smells amazing. You can find them on Etsy which I linked above or follow her on IG @beebygbeauty.



It is so easy to get sick during the winter, there’s the stress of school combined with the weather, the odds are against you. Keeping yourself filled with fruits and vegetables will help your body fight against those pesky winter bugs and using ItWorks greens helps you get those daily servings of fruits and vegetables and then some! I also love to make smoothies, I use all kinds of fruits and veggies and the help of Pinterest!



The harsh weather does wonders to your skin and not the good kind. The cold weather dries out your skin and the best way to keep your face looking refreshed is using a moisturizing facial. Target has some awesome facials and ItWorks has a great one as well here’s a link to an earlier post with some of my favorite posts! Check out this post to see a collection of awesome facials.

2 thoughts on “Winter survival kit

  1. I pretty much wear socks 24/7 around this time. I just don’t want the cozy feeling to go away haha. I’ve been meaning to get into facial masks. I definitely need to try some

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