Christmas decorating 101

One of my favorite things about Christmas is decorating the house and my room. There are so many different ways to decorate the house or room. Now I know it is not even December yet, but you have to get started early so that’s why this post is coming at ya at the end of November. Thanksgiving is done so now Christmas will begin! 

When decorating play Christmas music, get in the mood!! Crank it up and sing along, it makes the time go by and it’s always fun to listen to Christmas music! Here’s a link to my Christmas album on Spotify.

Make Christmas cookies, or a desert of some sort! Decorating is a lot of work, you’ll need something to munch on during the process.  We have these cookie cutters that look like someone ate off part of the gingerbread man and those are my absolute favorite, but any munch-worthy treat well work!

Staying organized. Group your decorations together for optimal placement. I like clumping things together by room, but you can do whatever works best for you! It makes the distribution process easier.

Now that your ambiance is set it’s time to get to the good stuff: decorations!! You can peruse Hobby Lobby for some great Christmas finds or, you can DIY and make some pretty great and one of a kind decorations! These DIY’s can make multiple items and it works great for gifts!


img_1288I think this is one of the easier decorations to DIY. All you need is a wreath, any size, some proportionate ornaments and some wire. Just wire the ornaments to the wreath and hang it by the chimney with care.



I have not done this, but my mom does this with her kids at work. They use water bottle caps, two of them, and glue them like a snowman. Then you use a sharpie to draw the face and a small piece of cloth or yarn to make the scarf! It is such a simple and easy DIY. There are tons of great DIY ornament ideas on Pinterest.

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