Relax and rejuvenate through face masks

I love face masks, I think they are just the most relaxing. I also love how you can slap them on and forget about them for a little while, you can go do homework or you can relax and watch Netflix. I love taking Snapchat filtered selfies with them on so I retrieved all my selfies with the products. There ae so many different kinds of face masks so I compiled a few of my favorites!

Some of the links, if purchased through, may result in compensation. 

Yes to tomatoes- clear skin: I normally steer clear of the paper masks, but this one I love. It seems so good and it’s all natural. When I took it off my face felt so refreshed!

Botanics- the power of plants: I love clay masks, they harden and just make that hard crusty feeling and I honestly like that. It takes away any shine on your face and it opens up your pores!

ItWorks face maskThis one uses all natural materials to tighten, firm and lift your face. It has a moisturizer in it to help your skin from the inside out! It helps wake up your skin especially after a long week of test this will help take the stress away. I’ve linked where to order these masks.

Shea Moisture- sensitive skin mud mask: This one smelt amazing, honestly, and it left my bathroom smelling amazing! It worked wonder on my skin, I don’t have that sensitive of skin, but it still worked great!

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