13 trick-or-treat alternatives

I love fall. I love everything about it. The atmosphere just makes me so happy, although in Houston we don’t get much of a temp drop until closer to the end of November, but we get our days. Although I do wish I was in Stars Hollow because they have the absolute best fall atmosphere. With fall comes Halloween. When  I was younger I would get all dressed up and go out and trick-or-treat! I had some pretty great costumes: Mulan, Bell, Bride of Frankenstein and so much more. But, as I got older and trick-or-treated less it was hard to find fun things to do on Halloween night.  Here’s a list of trick-or-treating alternatives: 

  1. Have a scary movie marathon, Netflix or FreeForm (ABC Family) will have some great movies playing.
  2. Check out your local Zoo, most Zoos have a ZooBoo that you could go to!
  3. A lot of restaurants have deals for those who dress up, they aren’t strict so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the outfit: Chipolte has $3 burritos if you dress up, Krispy Kreme gives out one free donut and there are a ton of other places!
  4. Spend the night trying to trick your friends and family! Any prank no matter how elaborate will still be fun!
  5. Decorate pumpkins! I love carving pumpkins, but you can also paint your pumpkins (which is what I’ll be doing!)
  6. Grab a group of friends, play the monster mash and all the junk food you can together.
  7. Try out some Halloween themed treats like candy apples or look for some fun recipes on Pinterest!
  8.  Do some Halloween crafts! There are tons on Pinterest that are simple and cute.
  9. Not into Haloween? Here are some tips for you: spend the night snuggled up in bed binge watching your latest obsession
  10. Get creative, I personally love to paint, but crack out your go-to source and create some awesome new pieces.
  11. Everyone will be getting pizza so go get Chinese food or some other ethnic food!
  12. Start decorating for Thanksgiving or Christmas!!
  13. If all else fails, sit outside and pass out candy to all the cute growls.

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