Study, coffee and repeat

IMG_6207Whenever I am home alone doing homework or studying sometimes I can get so distracted by the TV or just laying in bed. It’s hard to stay focused. I love Starbucks more than anything, gold card and all. But, going to the same old same old place starts to get boring. I found some places that are local and some places are chains.

img_0385Coffeeshop CompanyI was in the woodlands area and looked up “coffee shops near me” and then this place came up! It looked like a neat place so Jeremy and I decided to try it out and go on a study date. The coffee here is honestly SO good and the atmosphere is so relaxing. They have wifi which is perfect to get stuff done. I will be going to school up in the Woodlands next year and I can’t wait to become a frequent flyer over here!

Crescent moon coffee bar & cafe: This place is so cute and cozy. It’s a little hidden gem which means it does not get crowded during midterms and finals week. The coffee is just as good as Starbucks and the food is awesome! This is such a cute place and going there supports local business! YAY!

IMG_0015Panera: Panera is probably one of my favorite places to go and do anything! They have yummy breakfast, coffee, sandwiches, salads, soups, everything! I spend most of finals week at Panera. With the wifi and substance they give me it’s a no brainer that they are on this list. If you follow me on Instagram you have definitely seen my studying adventures at Panera.

House of Pies: There pies are absolutely amazing, the food is awesome, but there is not wifi. Sometimes that’s not always a bad thing. When you’re cramming for a big test it’s nice to take a laptop break. Bring in your notecards, grab a slice and get to work!

IMG_6249Tout SweetThis place has such a cool vibe with little cactus on the tables! They have awesome coffee and some really yum treats and food, but my favorite part is the macaroon selection! The macaroons are reason enough to go there for a study break!


8 thoughts on “Study, coffee and repeat

  1. I also love Panera! It’s the perfect place to have some coffee (and maybe even a pastry, oops!) and get some work done.

    xx emily

  2. I used to go to Crescent Moon when I went to CCS! We had off campus lunch on Tuesdays as seniors and she had great sandwiches. If you haven’t ever been to the Daily Brew on Eldridge, I highly recommend! Went there every day before school 🙂

  3. I completely agree with you— I can’t get any work done in my apartment because it’s too distracting (honestly, I find quiet to be distracting). There are a couple of local coffee shops down the street from me that I go to once a week or so. I also like to go to the nearby Panera … Panera Rewards and all 🙂

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