Knowing it’s right

img_0202This semester I changed campus for school because of class availability. This new campus is farther away which made me not happy. I’ve been going to school within 10 minutes from home since elementary school and now I would have to drive around 30 minutes to and from, five days a week. 

But, I went to the campus last week and I just knew it was right. When I got out of my car I just felt peace. I was so anxious and annoyed about having to start going there, but as soon as I got out I just knew it was where I was suppose to be.

All throughout High School I heard about visiting campus to know if it is a good fit, but going to community college I didn’t think twice about it. My mindset was always go to school, go home. But, now I feel like I am in college instead of just High School 2.0 like I always felt at my old campus.

Honestly, I was not looking forward to this semester. I had to figure out how to pay for all my classes on my own. I was driving farther than normal going to a new school and I was taking some of the hardest classes I would be taking during my associates journey. But, God always provides. img_0204

I ended up with a scholarship that provided the exact amount of money my tuition cost for this up coming semester. I landed on this campus and was extremely happy and comfortable. I was able to get a great  schedule that allowed me to have time to get stuff done and relax in the mist of a hectic set of classes.

I am so excited to say that I am excited to start classes this fall! I am excited to see this new adventure God’s got me on!

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