Thy will be done

img_0077I was jamming out in the car and Thy Will came on the radio. I had just a moment of clarity. With school coming up and tuition needing to be paid I have been feeling defeated. That I am trying so hard to do everything I need to do and following Gods plan, but I am so stressed.

Think about how simple those words are, Thy will be done. Four words. But, they mean so much. They show so much surrenderance to Him.

Praying those words show so much trust in Gods plan. That no matter what I want I want His will to be done. Saying those simple words is giving God so much powers. Allowing Him to do what He wants in my life instead of holding on to what I think is best for my life.

I want His will for my life because when I do He drops grants in my bank account, He gives me a good car and He gives me an amazing group of girls to mentor that show me what His love really means.

I want Thy will be done.

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