Back to school basics: 3 things you need in your backpack 

There is only three weeks left until school starts so i will be doing a three-week-three-point series about school! I will bring up the basics to be successful in your start to school!

In your backpack, almost everyone has those specifics like a charger or some pens. But, here is a list of some stuff to stick in your backpack that you might not have thought about!:

  1. Earphones, so whenever you’re walking through the campus jamming out or wanting to watch a quick video you’ll always have earbuds to plug in no matter where you’re at.
  2. Cash, whether you’re studying in the library or just thirty in between class it’s nice to have a few dollars cash to grab something out of vending machine
  3. Gum and water, classes are long. You need something to keep you focused and hydrated. The gum will help you stay on track and some studies show that chewing the same flavor gum in class as you do during a test helps your memory, so bonus!!

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