Travel go-to’s

I’ve been on my fair share of day trips and there are some essentials that you need to survive any trip.

A good, reusable water bottle. Whether your trip is just an hour or its 6 hours you will get thirsty. I promise.

Get a good playlist ready. Check out an earlier post here.

Grab a pair of some comfortable and sensible shoes. But, bring some cute shoes for whatever activity you’re doing. If you’re hiking grab your Nikes or Chacos or if you’re going somewhere nice grab a strappy sandal or flats.

Snake yourself a waterproof case or a case that can take some falls.

Your phone charger. This sounds like a no-brainer, but so many times I’ve forgotten my charger at home. I tend to crack and grab a cheapo charger at a gas station we pass by. Now, I use those cheap-o’s and keep them in my car and Jeremy’s car so I don’t have the opportunity to forget them.

A camera or a great camera app on your phone. I have a polaroid and I use the ProShot app on my phone to get quality photos in some crazy places without the fear of breaking an expensive camera.Have a great trip and use the #LifeandTimes hashtag so I can see it too

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