Perfect playlist

010I’ve been on my fair share of road trips and the farther away from home you get the crappier and crappier the radio stations become. I have become obsessed with Spotify and it is such a great tool to make the perfect playlist.

Key ways to make a perfect playlist:

  • Consider what your trip mates are interested in. Jeremy loves classic rock so whenever I make a playlist for our road trips I try to incorporate some of his favorite songs. Make it the best of both worlds.
  • Don’t make the playlist to short. Think about how long the trip will be and try to make the playlist about the same length.
  • Think about the type of music you pick. When you’re on a road trip you don’t want to listen to a slow depressing song. Listen to some upbeat music to make the time go by.

Road trips are full of laughs and fun conversations, but at some point jamming out and watching the road pass by you is just part of the trip.

So, roll the windows down and cruise.

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