005I have never been a good journaler and honestly. I hated journaling. I would get into it, but never felt God or really learned anything from it. So I eventually just gave up, now I did start a prayer journal and man has that been amazing, but that’s a little different than  journaling to me. 

I was creating these little note cards for my small group girls and as I was doodling and writing scripture it had me thinking more and more about scripture and the meaning. Then I realized I found my way of journaling. When I doodle the scripture, I think of the verse differently than just words on a page, they come to life. It causes me to think and feel the words instead of just reading them.

I may not journal like others do, but what works for me works for me. Not everything works the same for everyone. Just like every relationship with God is different. God made us all unique.

I always felt weird for not liking to journal the way others journal. Like I was a bad Christian. But, the truth is. I am not the same as everyone else. God didn’t make me the same as anyone else so why would I assume that I would connect with God the same as others.

It opened my eyes about how much I STILL compare myself to others. Even in the simplest ways. I forget that I am me and if I don’t connect with God the same way as others don’t make me a bad Christian. It just makes me different.

Finding my thing with God made me so excited and eased me soul!

One thought on “Journaling

  1. Hey! I love your post and I know what you mean about now knowing how to be a good journaler. I’m still trying to figure out the best way for me to express myself in a journal. I think it’s great that you were able to make that connection.

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