015Jeremy and I went to Ikea and all I can say is it is like heaven on Earth. I basically have my future house furnished after just 45 minutes.

When you walk in it’s like sensory overload. There is just so much to walk around and see, we were on a time crunch so we were like running through the store trying to see everything, but also,  leave when we needed to (we already decided we were going to go back and make a day of it).

Not only do they have awesome things to look at and buy, they have bomb meatballs.

Here are a few of the furnishings for my future house:

But, Ikea also has some sweet backgrounds to take some cute pictures:

All and all Ikea has made its way to the top of my list of favorite stores, under Target, of course!

One thought on “Ikea

  1. Ikea is so fun! I went there about 6 times last summer to get furniture for the house I lived in this past school year. It’s really cost friendly and I love all that they have!


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