The World in Pearls: Small town Texas

017Sometimes the best trips are the ones you don’t plan out all the way! Jeremy and I supposed to go tubing today, but we couldn’t so instead we did a small town crawl from Houston to Seguin, Texas. We stopped in Round Top, Harwood, and Smithville. I think Smithville became our favorite stop! In Round Top, we stopped in the cutest little historic town. We were driving up to Sequin we saw a cute little chapel so we had to stop to check it out and of course take some great pictures!

After Round Top we finally made it to Seguin where we found some great parks and views of the river! We also went to a really neat restaurant called Power Plant Texas Grill that Mrs. Fife recommended! It sat on the river and served some bomb queso!

Once we adventured our hearts home we decided to come home, but on the way home we drove this Smithville and it was absolutely the cutest town! It was literally so small, quaint and quiet, but we absolutely fell in love. Jeremy totally geeked out at the little train display they had out in the front of town. The town just had a feel to it that made you feel at home and safe. We had a blast exploring the antique stores and cute bakeries in the town.

We had so many great laughs and moments on this trip. We had really no plan set in stone, but it ended up being a great time and great memories.

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