Cheap College

001Between tuition and textbooks, college is an expensive ride to be on. There are tons of ways to save money throughout college without lagging on the things you love.

007Love Starbucks? Me too! But, paying $4.50 for a drink is ridiculous! BUT, Starbucks has a 40 oz. drink you can buy at the grocery store and it is only about $5.00! It produces about 5 grande iced drinks that’s about 20 dollars in savings!

012On the bottom of most restaurant and stores receipts, there’s an area where it asks you to fill out a survey. They sound annoying and time-consuming, but you’re almost always guaranteed FREE food or some percentage off of your purchase.

As a college student, our favorite words are free and food. But, getting money off a splurge is always great. So fill out those surveys and snag yourself a free chicken sandwich or 10% off  your next retail therapy session!

College is about learning and growing. So learn and grow your lifestyle and save money to spend on those textbooks and save money doing the things you want to do.

When starting school I had to buy a laptop so to find the best computer at the best price I signed up for the  college Best Buy program. They send you a bunch of deals through your school email. They send emails with tons of great offers on different things. Totally worth it!

Using a coupon for something you want, but is expensive is the way to go. You can get what you want.

Maybe you’ll have to be patient to wait for a sale or search for some coupons. But, in the end, at least you’re winning.

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