0032I got my inspiration from CWH blog post! She talked about turning off social media notifications to help distress so I thought OK! I am super stressed with finals and everything going on I’ll try this out and see how it helps and boy did it!

Not only did I became less overwhelmed since I didn’t have that constant call to my phone, but I also became more involved in my life. I would set my phone down and I actually didn’t have to worry about all  the beeps and buzzes I got before because those beeps and buzzes were texts not just a bunch of random alerts.

I thought I would miss something super important without the notification’s, but in reality the Earth kept spinning!! Anything that happened while I was off I just saw when I opened the app. Social media became fun again, instead of feeling like I had to go look at something I just wanted  to.

Typically, when I’d post a picture or tweet something on fire I would constantly look at my phone check my lock screen to see where my post fell. But, now I just post something and then whenever I go back it’s like a surprise to look and see the reactions.

Turning off social media notifications is a 10/10 recommendation. It has helped me be in the moment with loved ones and to better concentrate in class. I challenge y’all to turn off your social media notification for a week and see what a difference it will be! Use the hashtag #lifeandtimesunplug or tweet me @rebekahkish with your experiences!



2 thoughts on “Unplug-ish

  1. Aww I’m so glad you tried this and found it helpful! It’s definitely helped me to keep my stress levels low and just be more present 🙂 Thanks for mentioning me!


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