2 years

IMG_4182Jeremy and I have been dating for the past two years. Many people said that we wouldn’t last past high school. Many people thought we wouldn’t last past the first few dates. Many people said that it would be better to not stay together past high school, to break up now instead of later.

But, to all of that, I say: no thank you. 

We started dating during my spring semester of my junior throughout my senior year and now through college. Through many tears and transitions, we’ve made it.

Now I don’t know if we are meant to be together, only God knows and we are trusting Him with our future. But, I do know that I wouldn’t trade this serious relationship for anything.

We’ve gone through really amazing times and we’ve gone through some really bad and challenging times,  but we always come out on the other side. Love is a feeling, but it’s also a choice. I chose to love him during the good times and I chose to love him when things get hard.

People say that this is such a growing and influential time in our life and that being with somebody could hinder it. But, in life, we as humans are constantly evolving and growing, the only difference is marriage and dating are growing with someone else.

A time in life shouldn’t be bound to a relationship status. Every person is different and their path is different. I’m not saying that if you’re not in a relationship then you’re missing out, but if you’re single you’re not gaining something better, just different. I think we as a society put such a concentration on it being OK being single, but never that it is OK to be in a relationship.

Just like there are perks to being single there are perks to being in a relationship. God has a path for each and every one of us and our mate throughout life or through parts of our life God has planned for.

This time with Jeremy has been hard, but amazing. I have learned so much from him and I feel like we complement each other well. During this time in my life, I feel like we were meant to be together. Whether we are meant forever or for a season, I know that God has a path for us to be successful.

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