ENOrmous fun


With such a hectic schedule balancing school and work sometimes I need some adventure just balance the stress. The perfect way to do that is to walk to the park and set up shop.

It is literally such a time to relax, enjoy nature and to just get away from the world around me.

Hammocking is such a cheap way to go on adventures, you just need the hammock and some trees and  you’re good to go.


Grab your Camelbak, Chacos and you can get out on an adventure. You can even pack a picnic and snack in the hammock.


I bought my Eno a few months ago and have probably used it at least twice a week. I relax in it and even do homework. It’s so easy to just grab my laptop and set up my hammock in the park. I get so much done and it is so much nicer than sitting at my desk.

The weather has been so beautiful that sometimes the only time I get outside is when I multi-task and do homework outside. Especially, in this season, it is so busy with test and papers due every other day.

Go outside, grab a hammock and create your own adventure!

2 thoughts on “ENOrmous fun

  1. I don’t have an eno, but when my family visits our family in Honduras, we have a river house with tons of hammocks that are great for relaxing! Sounds like a great study spot.


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