Easter is so much more than the Easter Bunny, finding eggs and eating chocolate. It’s about Jesus following God’s path and conquering death so we could have eternal life with Him.

“I was a thorn in your crown but you love me anyways…I am the nail in your wrist

Y’all. If that doesn’t give you chills then I don’t know what will. That is so powerful and sometimes I don’t think about it like that. Like, I was a nail in His wrist that caused Him to bleed. I was a thorn in His crown that was puncturing His head. As He was on a criminal’s cross, I should have been!

I am so unworthy of everything, but as the song goes, He loves me anyway. He was a perfect human being yet He was crucified as a criminal for crimes He didn’t commit. That is the biggest and best love on this crazy planet!

Easter is always such an amazing time to reflect on this, but this song is such a constant reminder.

He died on a cross and loves us anyways. We sin every single day and He knew we would yet He STILL died on a cross for us. That just blows my mind!

Easter is about how Jesus rose from the dead. But, He did so much more than rose from the dead. He was a perfect human being and died for us as sinful people AND then when the devil thought he won Jesus conquered the grave!

He followed Gods path for his journey without question. He walked to His death trusting God to bring home.

That is the God I serve. One who selflessly dies for our sins, but then conquers the grave. He doesn’t just stay down, He gets back up. He follows the path with trust.

I love serving a God that although I was a thorn in His crown He chose to love me and save me anyways.

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