IMG_4478 (2)We’re doing a series at church about the struggle of our phones and social media and how that affects our lives and relationships. Online I have also, recently, seen many things about how our social presence isn’t always what it seems to be. It challenged me to look at my own social media presence and see what my photos were really about deeper than the caption.

Looking at my social media I realized there is so much behind the photos that others don’t see. Whether it’s good or bad.

This photo was taken after we fought about how we were gonna lay and try to get comfortable:

IMG_4473 (2)

This photo was filled with so much emotion. I was so excited to be leading a small group and I could just tell this was an amazing group of girls. But, it was a photo filled was anxiousness and nervous, like could I really do this:

IMG_4477 (2)

This was taken after many a pretty pretty please to wear the matching shirts:

IMG_4474 (2)

Now this was one of the good ones, Jeremy and I were having such a fun time and I was genuinely so happy. This wasn’t a fake laughing photo, but I was geniuenly happy. I remember this moment exactly, Jeremy was acting like paparazzi and calling my name and telling me to look here and look there like I was on a red carpet:

IMG_4476 (2)

One thought on “#struggles

  1. It’s definitely important to take a step back and remember that social media isn’t real life and that there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes! I’m definitely tied to my social media accounts since it’s part of my work, but I always try to unplug and remember that what I see on their isn’t truth. Great post!


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