I saw “War Room” a few weeks ago and it was amazing! One of the main characters, Miss Clara, prayed with so much faith and trust that I was envious.

Like most, when you go to something or watch something so inspiring you reflect and think about the things you want to change, so, of course, I wanted to grow in my prayer life.

A few days passed and I will be honest with you, I didn’t change in my prayer life. Like, at all and it really bothered me. I saw such a convicting and powerful movie and I didn’t do anything about it.

It really bothered me, so I decided instead of trying to say my prayers and talk to Jesus that I would do better, basically, journaling my prayers. Writing down my prayers to talk to Jesus.

Man, did it work! He answered one of the prayers. But, the crazy thing about it is that I was actually kinda mad about it. I didn’t realize that He was doing what I asked Him to do, but I didn’t realize what I wanted all entailed.

He answered my prayer and was faithful, like always. I was so upset and so angry about what was going on and then for a second I stopped and had an ah-ha moment and realized that it was God working in and through my life, answering my prayers.

Sometimes Gods’ answer to a prayer isn’t what you think it’ll be, sometimes it is. But God always answers prayers, all in His perfect time.


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