For me, it is so much easier to admit when I screwed up to other people than it is to admit it to God.

Maybe because I feel like it is more of an even playing field and my peers may have more empathy and I feel like God is so perfect like He would never understand.

But, the crazy thing that I ALWAYS forget is that God already knows. Like He is already aware of what I did and the shame and guilt I feel.

It is intimidating to talk to God about the struggles I face sometimes. I feel like they are so small in comparison to everything else going on in the world that I don’t want to burden Him with it, but telling Him is like truly admitting I screwed up. Saying it out loud to friends is one thing, but telling the King of Kings is a whole level of scary.

But, He wants me to go to Him. He sent His son to Earth so I could have that opportunity and I am still blown away by that.

I don’t have to feel like a burden or shameful because 1. He already knows and 2. He wants me to tell Him. The veil has been ripped away. He wants that relationship with me. He wants that relationship with everyone.

Like, our God is so big and so amazing and perfect and just wonderful, but the best part is that He already knows we are sinners. We will ALWAYS fall short. But He will ALWAYS be there for us. He has the ultimate amount of empathy. He sent us Son for us to save us, that’s some major empathy.

When we repent the slate is wiped clean. He’s not like your mom who will forever remind you about the million times you forgot to take the trash out, He ALWAYS forgives and ALWAYS forgets.

I think I feel more comfortable telling my peers because they are sinners too. Although, I should feel more comfortable telling my amazingly empathetic God because He wants to know. He wants to forget it. He wants me to go to Him. He just wants me.

And that will forever be more comforting that a group of friends.

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