As someone who’s had a gun pointed at me, no I didn’t want to die. I was scared and in shock.

Our society has become so desensitized. We just want something that’ll sound funny or get RTs we’re not thinking about the reality of the situation.

Maybe because of my situation I’m the one being sensitive. But because of my situation and the fear and the trauma it has caused I don’t find it funny. It may not have been a murder, but it could’ve ended up that way. There is no greater fear I’ve ever felt than when someone was pointing a gun at me.
In real life, they don’t ask you. All they do is point.
In real life, you wouldn’t say yes. You’d be praying and probably crying.
In real life having a gun pointed at you isn’t a joke. It’s a traumatic event that you deal with every day.
In real life 3 years later you still get panic attacks.
In real life, you don’t find the joke funny because the joke is something you’ve experienced.
You wouldn’t make a joke about rape or abuse. This shouldn’t be a joke either.

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