Like many, I have the Bible app on my phone. It sends me a daily verse around 10 o’clock each day.

Honestly, sometimes I won’t really read it or I’ll just exit the notification, but I noticed that there were a few verses that just kinda stuck. Actually, most of them for the past week and as I look at my notifications and I will read the verses and think about it just for a second. Just a small reminder.

But that wasn’t on accident. It wasn’t just a fluke that those verses I kept and those verses for a reason. They spoke to me. They gave me hope, they were a reminder.

I was looking at them all today and they all reminded me about the battle I am on, the path God wants me to be on. I don’t think that was by accident. I think that was Gods way of reminding me on what He called for me to do.

That if I seek Him with my whole heart I will be a town on a hill that cannot be hidden! That my struggles aren’t just physical sin, but not spiritually doing what I should be doing. That God has given me so much and that didn’t come from being entitled, but being blessed more than I could imagine because of the faith I have in Him that He will ALWAYS provide.

All those verse, very different. But, to me. They all intertwined, they go to together in my head. They speak to me louder together than they would have separately. This was a good way to go back into school and routine. This was God talking to me.

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