The green-eyed monster comes and go. Before it used to come from seeing what others had at school and now, it comes from every direction. From school, work, friends, foes, social media.


And it’s not just clothes or physical items. It’s sometimes relationships; friendly, romantic, or family.

We see the “happy” family or the “relationship goals”, but we don’t see the fights that led up to the flowers or the fights and heartache that surround the family.

Although, they may be a happy family, but they have had their fair share of problems that aren’t depicted. Or the flowers she posted “just because” maybe it was “just because” she was mad.

Everybody, including myself, only post the story they want the world to see. Most people don’t post the side of their life that isn’t so pretty. They post the version of their life that they want  everyone to see.

Instead of being envies, look at your own life. Think about the parts of your life that you wouldn’t share when you see what others portray.

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