Down the river

Somedays I feel so small. So insignificant. This world is so big, there’s so much going on all the time.

In such a big world, I forget how big of an impact I really have. Sometimes I feel so insignificant, like all I’m doing is really not changing much. That I’m just floating along a river not making a difference.
Then, I stop and just look around and see how much potential I have. How much potential around me. How much I have done. How much I want to do!

This world is so big and there is so much space to do such amazing things. Even in your own backyard.
I was made to do great things! We were made to do great things! We can do all kinds of big things through Him even in this big world.
I’m not floating down the river anymore. I’m riding down it planting seeds along the way!

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