Our plan and His plan

As finals are coming close, stress is overtaking every aspect of life and doubt and reality start to set in I started to doubt what I could do. How much I could handle. How much change would occur.

When freaking out about everything that could go wrong, my mom gave me her words of wisdom: even if my plan does not work out Gods plan will be working. My plan won’t include the twist and turns, but Gods plan may need those turns to create something amazing.

He makes beautiful things out of dust so why do I not trust that when or if I fail or fall short (in my eyes) He’s not using that for something I can’t even see right now.

Everything works in God’s timing and planning and most of the time we do not see that until after we see the fruits of it.

As I finish off the semester I will do the best I can and try my hardest and if I fall short, I fall short. But my grades do not define my worth. Who I am is not what I make on a test or class, who I am is withing God. Living like Him.

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