*Laughs and sassiness*

Me: I did not ask you a question
Jeremy: Well, I am giving you an answer
This two-second conversation made me think later that night. God answers our questions even without us asking Him to. He gives us what we need before we ask Him to. He is always in such control and even when we don’t know it He is answering our questions. It may be questions we never even ask Him or questions we ask later after He has given us an answer, but He always answers.

He never leaves us or gives up on us. He is constantly taking care of us and will continue to take care of us and answer our questions for the rest of forever even though we are so unworthy of an answer. Who am I to ask the King of Kings a question and expect an answer? I am His daughter. I am loved by a God that is the definition of love.
Every time something happens or you find yourself asking why, think about what has happened before that because that could be Gods answer or be patient for the future because God will alway answer you. Always.

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