IMG_0016Whenever I thought about my college career I always figured I’d back my bags, say my goodbyes and go off to school. But that’s not what God had in mind.

God’s plan was not just to stay at home for college and go to Lonestar. His plan was so much more than that!

Not only did I not get into debt, I will actually be getting money back!!

I don’t have to say the hardest goodbyes: to my mom, grandparents and on a good day Jeremy.

But, best of all: I was able to become a small group, leader! That is what I think God had in mind when keeping me at home for my first year of college. If I would have gone off to school I would not have had this amazing opportunity to grow and love on these amazing sixth graders. Just hearing the things they struggle with and the things they get excited about is so awesome. Even hearing them pray just gives me so much joy.

Being their small group leader is what I think God had in store for me when He showed me the path to staying home for school. If I would have gone off to school I would have missed so much! Although then I did not know what I know now, God knew.

God planned out this whole path for me and it all started with me listening to Him about choosing where to go to school. God was always in control and knew exactly what He was doing and every day that I get listen to Him I

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