Today at work I asked a customer how he was and his response took me aback.

I ask almost every customer how they are and I get one of three answers: good, alright or silence. But today this gentleman gave me an answered I did not expect: “hello, how are you?” “I’m blessed!” He was blessed. He wasn’t good or alright, he was blessed.
His response caught me off guard and caused me to think. Whenever I’m going through something good I have no problem saying I’m blessed, but when push comes to shove and I’m struggling do I still think of myself as blessed? 
I thought about this throughout my day. Do I see the good in some horrible situations? If someone asked how I was would I be able to say “blessed” no matter how bad things are in my life?
Even in the bad times I am still so blessed. My life has so many good things in it. I am so blessed by my health and my family alone, I take that for granted sometimes. When I’m going through something and I feel like my world is falling apart I still have so much to be thankful and blessed for. 
That man answered the question probably without even giving it a second thought, but he left me with many thoughts. In my lowest of lows do I really see how blessed I am? 

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